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Leak near front windshield

I have been chasing a small front end water leak for nearly a year now. Here is the story: in certain rain conditions we get a small amount of water, maybe one tablespoon or so on the drivers side dash between the instrument pod and the defroster vent. Above it between the front shades is a flat metal shield covered with upholstery material which also gets damp and has some water dripping from it.

Sometime ago I took the upper cabinet backing out and looked to find the leak and also ran a lot of water over the front end, around the clearance lites, satelitte, etc. nothing found. I did note water tracks thru the dust on the metal framework and top of the inside windshield in the front of the cab between the back of the upper cabinet and the windshield. At the time I felt that condensation was the culprit so I cut air vents in the back of the upper cabinet to promote air circulation when the cabinet doors are open which we now always do when parked.

The area inside of the structure near the clearance lites is spray foamed and appeared to have a very complete seal to the outside and around the wires to the clearance lites.

Since then I have had the unit sealtech air pressure tested. The tech tested the unit twice, examined the satelitte area closely at my request. Nothing found on the entire unit. I did have the clearance lites sealed at that time per the tech's recommendation.

Just guessing now but it appears to ocurr when we have 1/2" of slow steady rain or more. The last event occurred after about 1" of rain over a 2 day period. Driving in the rain has so far never caused the problem.

I still suspect the clearance lites even though they were just sealed. The amount this last time (after sealing the lites) was less than before. I doubt it is condensation because when it ocurrs there is no other evidence of high humidity inside like fogged windows or a damp feeling. I am about to rip the clearance lites off and put eterna bond over the holes!

Any ideas?
2014 Itasca Sunova 33C
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This is where mine was leaking.
Inside Water Leak at Windshield, not the Windshield seal
Water was running down the gutter and getting under the lip. Hope this helps.
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If your Sunova has a black rubber seal between the top of the windshield and the bottom of the front cap, peel the rubber seal back and see if it has been caulked behind the rubber seal. I had a 2014 Itasca Solei 34T that leaked similar to yours when it rained. I read where another Winnebago owner had a similar issue. It seems that quite a few rigs come from the factory without any sealant behind this rubber piece.

It wasn't my only leak in the Solei. The basement bins leaked like crazy when we drove in the rain. We chased those leaks forever. Winnebago's answer, well they shouldn't leak! NO SH**!!! If you do some digging, you'll find that leaking units is par for the course.

I don't have these issues anymore, I was lucky enough to trade it in for something else.

Good luck with your rig. (BTW, I also had a Sunova 35G, which I affectionately called the Son Of A...)
Lanny, Retired GySgt USMC
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I once chased a water leak for a long time and finally discovered the front clearance lights were sealed to the cap, lens were leaking and filling with water until it reached the wiring hole, then following the wires into the RV.
My solution was to drill a 1/8" hole in the bottom of each lens, which solved the water entry problem.
Inspect your lens for a water mark inside that is even with the wiring hole in the base.
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Thanks so much folks for the hints! When I removed the lite lens I did have some water in a couple, which is why I had them sealed. I will drill a small hole in the lites. I did look at the rubber on top of the windshield. When I peeled it back I did not see evidence of sealant. I will look again and if none is present I will fix that as well. Thanks again so much. Nice to know others have had similar problems and found fixes.
2014 Itasca Sunova 33C
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We have a 2014 forza 38r. Two leak problems we had. Drivers side window kept getting water in track that spilled over down wall. Discovered that outside gutter emptied directly where the two sliding windows met, water traveled path of least resistance and filled up track becore it could empty. Bought EZE gutter to put up on outside over window to redirect. Second worse problem. Bought our RV new. After having it for a while, water started dripping over front dash in front of passenger. Only leaked if not completely level, right side a little lower. Took to dealer multiple times, checked lights on outside, did everything you could think of to resolve. They did not want to pull windshield. Finally, Winnebago and dealer approved taking it to an auto glass place. Took it there and they diagnosed problem within one hour. Front end cap improperly installed by factory. New part ordered, inside cleaned up, new cap installed. Took back to dealer to have recaulked. No water since then, happy camper.
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Similar problem on a 2016 38Q

Georgelesley- I just worked through a similar problem but I am not sure if our rigs are constructed the same way. On the 38Q I have there is a major joint between the front cap and the fiberglass roof over the cab.

After going through several seal tech rests they identified the marker lights as the leak source and resealed them.

But the water kept coming in in larger amounts and puddling on the dash in front of the passenger- intermittent but especially when the rain was wind driven over the rear of the rig.

I was sent to LaMesa in Sanford Florida where the did a "sonic test" -- which I have been told is superior to the "seal tech" test. I have no idea how it works. They found a significant failure in the sealant at the seam between the cap and the fiberglass roof that was not visible. After they cleaned the joint they really layered up a large new sealant seal between the two pieces. Since then- about 3 weeks and 3 storms-- no more leakage!!

Offering this up for your consideration

Good luck with finding and fixing the leak

Joe a/k/a "Americanrascal"
2016 Winnebago Adventurer 38Q +tow dolly
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I just had a windshield leak fixed on my 2007 Winnebago. They took off the strip at the top and explained to me that Winnebago has a steel casing in their cab and there was a lot of rust which they cleaned up and resealed. When they tested it with running water over it no leak. However, there is a "vent" of some sort right above the passenger seat on the roof. When they ran the hose over it the water leaked in. I did ask what that vent was and he said he had no idea as he was not an RV tech LOL I had him put a plastic bag over it held in place with rubber bands.

So I get home from Arizona and ask my RV tech what the heck that is. It is the wind sensor for my awning. Well who knew. So he left the bag on it LOL said he will remove it when I get it de-winterized.

This solo older female is learning every day LOL

2007 Winnebago Voyage 35A
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2008 Itaska Ellipse. We had a water drip onto the dash during moderate to heavy rain. Lucky for me the windshield ding turned into a crack. Yes, it really did.

DK Boos Glass in Lacey WA explained that on motorhomes the windshield is adhered very well to the coating that is applied to the windshield frame. Unfortunately that coating often separates from the frame and leaks occur. If that is the case the frame needs to be completely cleaned up properly by a qualified glass shop and the new windshield installed.

In our case that was it, and now no leaks. Zero dectuctable windshield coverage is a no brainer.

Excellent experience with DK Boos and highly recommend if in the Northwest.
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Had a windshield leak last year. Drips running down the inside of the window. I sealed between the front cap and the windshield. No more drips on the inside of windshield but now have drips from the overhead compartments. Pulled the clearance lights and 2 were filled with water. The gaskets are shot and the previous owner sealed around the lights with silicone. The top portion dried and pulled away, unfortunately he sealed all the way around so the water couldn't drain out the bottom. Checked with Lichtsinn Motors and they said the gaskets are no longer available. Picked up some 1/8" thick rubber weather strip, I'll try to make some new gaskets today.
Hank & Lynda
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The small puddle that formed on the dash left of center of the driver stopped after I used Eternabond to seal the front endcap seam. Also put it on the rear endcap seam and now both sides of the roof for preventative maintenance.
'02 Winnebago Journey DL, DSDP, 36' of fun.

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I purchased an 05 Itasca Horizon that had a windshield leak. For the repair, I removed the rubber molding at the top of the windshield. I purchased a tube of 3M black trim adhesive. Along the top of the windshield glass and the metal frame (The one that rusts) is a small space. With the liquid 3M adhesive, quickly fill that space along the top. The 3M will flow into the space and into any leak areas that exist. For the 5 years I kept that coach, I never had another windshield leak.
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Thanks to all for the many tips. We had the mh in for service so I had the tech seal the end cap to roof seam and thanks to a tip mentioned here also had him seal where the gutter end empties near the front cap trim. He also found some suspicious areas on the radio antenna gasket and thoroughly checked the satelitte area.

Best of all, since I had a sealtech air pressure test done and the clearance lites sealed as a result, the dealer did not charge us a penny for the reseal since we were within the 90 day warranty!

The only thing left is the windshield, but we will wait to see if that is needed. So far we went thru a good rain, the type of slow steady kind that usually causes the leak to manifest itself, and had no water. To verify, I looked at the framework behind the upper cabinets where the water used to pool, and it was dry as a bone.

Not yet claiming victory, but we are sure on the trail. Thanks to all again.
2014 Itasca Sunova 33C
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