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2014 Winnebago Vista 26 HE - Handling Improvements

Bought This RV with 26 K miles - RV has a Front Steering Stabilizer Installed. Tires are Goodyear with plenty of tread , no cracks and 80 PSI. Unit looks brand new and the layout is stellar, with plenty of power.

Driving the unit home ( about 3 hours ) was troublesome - Trucks gave a sideway push everytime they passed and the steering seemed to have alot of play ( Steering wheel was centered when going straight ) and some of the bridge crossings and rough road patches where down right frightful.

I know about the CHF - but would rather avoid that for now if possible - So wondering what those who have the same RV have done to improve their RVs handling ?

I'm thinking - Sumo Springs on all 4 corners - Install either a heavier duty rear sway bar or rear track bar ( or both ) and change the steer tires to Michelin.

Hopefully others have solved their RV's handling issues and would share how they corrected their Vista 26 HE's crappy handling
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I have a 17 vista LX 30T. The CHP fix was night and day. I was experiencing the same thing. After the CHP it's a dream, much more manageable to drive. I highly recommend you get that done. You might consider 90psi in the tires too. Or at least more than 80, guess it depends on how it weighs out to some.

Semi's will push you, just be prepared, then suck you in at the end although not as much. Heck box trucks give me more problems that semi's for some reason.
2017 Vista LX 30T
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I have a 2018 Vista 32YE. I have put a roadmaster sway bar on the rear, the CHF on the front and a steering stabilizer. Also had a good front end alignment done. Each of these made an incremental improvement. Prior to the changes, I got blown all over the road by passing trucks and it was very difficult to recover because the steering felt so loose. After adding the rear sway bar and steering stabilizer, the RV drove much better. Less push from trucks and easier recovery after a push. The front end alignment made a huge difference in the way the RV tracked. After the alignment, the RV naturally wants to track straight down the road. This left me with an RV that drove pretty well and only got push from passing trucks when they got to the front of the RV. I then added the CHF on the front using TeJay's plates (from iRV2) with them set to the CHF+1 position. Now the RV only gets truck push when a truck passes extra close so I am probably done. The reason I did not go with Sumo springs is that they are helper springs that can stiffen up the existing springs which can then lead to a rougher ride. Sway bars (actually anti-sway bars) are specifically intended to control sway without increasing the vertical spring rate. So doing the CHF and/or changing to stiffer sway bars will help reduce sway caused by passing trucks but will not increase the harshness of the ride.
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Any noticable negative effects after doing the CHF? I need to add some air to the tires maybe increase to 85

I might add that I had a Chevy (Spartan Chassis) it also was a 27 footer and I could drive it one handed.

The Vista is well made and I will get it to handle like it should of from the get go
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My Vista does track straight down the road and no tire vibration even at 75. Paper work shows a front end alignment about 18 months ago along with a 6 tires balanced

The rear sway bar seems to be light weight and adding another one of heavier duty quality should help a lot

Possibly adding a better shock would soften the rough road pounding

Does Teejay sell these CHF plates?
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I have had absolutely no bad side affects from the front CHF.

There should be a sticker next to your driver seat that states what the manufacturer (Winnebago) recommended tire inflation is. Mine and most other Vistas I have seen recommend 82 and that is what I keep mine at. I can tell a difference between 80 and 82 in the way my Vista drives. Much better at 82.

I have never driven one of the Chevy gassers so I can't comment on those. The F53 chassis is notorious for handling issues. Lots of money being made with after market products for the F53.

Sounds like tracking is in good shape so you are ahead of where I started.

Yes, the roadmaster rear sway bar made a big difference. I considered getting a front replacement sway bar but wanted to try the CHF first. Glad I did.

TeJay is the user name of a knowledgable poster on the iRV2 forum. If you look at the monster CHF thread under the F53 forum you will see many of his posts. The thread is huge but worth the read. You can PM TeJay and arrange to buy a set of plates from him or you can use the specifications that he has posted on iRV2 to make your own plates. The primary purpose of the plates is to maintain the proper sway bar angle after performing the CHF. As a bonus, the plates have multiple stiffness setting holes. I set mine at the the CHF+1 setting which is closest to the stiffness you would get with a roadmaster front sway bar. A link to the monster CHF thread:

Cheap Handling Fix - iRV2 Forums
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We got our 29VE and even before we took our first camping trip I done the CHF to both the front and rear sway bars ( after coming from a 26HE)...I extended the front control arms appx 2" to retain the same position of the sway bar and left the rear length stock. The rig handles like any large vehicle and you have to adjust accordingly..It is definitely not a sports car but I cannot fault the ride.My DW also drives and she really enjoys the opportunity to share the driving on long trips.. very satisfied and minimal cost..I already had the material (1/2" Pipe) and a welder. It took me about 4 hours total..
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I'll be crawling under the Vista this weekend and seeing what is needed and get the necessary parts ordered to do a functional CHF

Probably will also do new Koni shocks and order
New Michelin steer tires
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So got under the vista and no CHF has been done , stabilzer arms look in good shape as well as the poly bushings.
Contacted Teejay and unfortunately he is going on vacation for 5 weeks and is unable to provide the required front brackets to complete the front CHF at this time ,the rear will not need any special brackets.
So we are taking the Vista on a road trip in about 10 days and will be travelling on the West Virginia Turnpike - which is one curvy sob of a road with tons of truck traffic

So anyone know where an alternative source for 1/2 brackets? My research also shows that adding a rear track bar should help greatly with the handling - any recomendations? I will do these two fixes and see what happens, with Sumo Springs , New Shocks being added later if needed

Anyone have a Vista 26HE that they have made handling improvements to that worked? Shame on these RV companies for not correcting the poor handling issues of their products
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for some reason my last comment does not show up as a new post and can not seem to find this thread - had to do a search and enter thru that way ?
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Hi from another 2014 26HE owner, just purchased 5 weeks ago.
The previous owner had Koni shocks and Sumo springs installed.

I drove it home 200 miles when I bought it and have taking it camping twice and am quite happy with the handling. I do not notice any drift when heavy duty tractor trailers pass me. I don't know what it was like before the shocks and springs were replaced, but I thought I'd try to answer your question.
Best wishes!
2014 Itasca Sunstar 26HE
Toad: 2009 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon
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Hi sonny,

I have been aiming for a more stable ride and tried all the modifications to make my truck a more civilized vehicle and after 5 years of fine tuning, here are the top 4, assuming the alignment is properly done:
. CHF (it's a must)
. Rear Trackbar (it's a must)
. Added 300lbs of dead weight in front (I subjectively think it makes the front track better)
. Sumo Maxim all four corners ( it prevents rocking some)
. I may change the swaybar for a stiffer one

The previous all helped the driving portion.

As for comfort, here are my suggestions:
. All tires at 80psi (remember that the 26HE is only 16K pounds)
. Softer shocks (mine are the cheap Monreo's)
. Michelin for steer (what a difference! Keep one of your Goodyear for spare... lots of room in the rear storage)

As for security, I have a Safe T Plus.

I keep looking for a better RV but none offer the huge benefits of the 26HE so far.
So enjoy yours as much as I do love mine!
2013 Vista 26HE, CHF (F&R), Rear homemade Trackbar & Safety Plus, Sumo Springs Maxim F&R, Monroe shocks, 300lbs added weight in front .
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I can attest to the rear track bar (Panhard Bar) making a very big difference.

The CHF and rear poly bushings sweetened the deal.
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We have owner our 26HE since new. I thought about improving the steering, but never did. Just use to it. Drives like my 78 vw Bus, but much bigger.
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