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Winnebago Camper
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Can you tell me how many of you that have a locking feature on your slides actually use the lock? The locking control on our Horizon seems to be somewhat moody, and I fear that it may not release the slide at a really opportune time!! Our previous moho had no such feature.
Opinions please.
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Winnebago Camper
Join Date: May 2007
Posts: 9
Can you tell me how many of you that have a locking feature on your slides actually use the lock? The locking control on our Horizon seems to be somewhat moody, and I fear that it may not release the slide at a really opportune time!! Our previous moho had no such feature.
Opinions please.
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We have these locking controls and use them prior to travel. They for and will prevent the slides from poping out at the wrong time. So far no problems.
Steve & Leslie
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We had a '99 Adventurer that we put 65,000 miles on ... and now we have an '04 Jouney that we have put 50,000 miles on ...

I have never used the "locks" ... never had a slide move

I think they are installed by Winnebago as a CYA device ... (my '04 Journey only has them for the front slide)
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I don't know if they'll keep the slideouts from sliding or not but I use them all the time. I have the front one only. I can hear it lock and unlock with the switch on the console.
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Winnie had a problem in the past with some slides creeping, so I suspect SkiGramp is perhaps on-target with his "CYA" suggestion.

We don't have slide locks (unless you count the little strap for the Left LR slide and we don't even use that) and never have had a problem with a slide creeping.

Welcome to the forum!

2005 Horizon 40AD, 2005 Jeep Liberty CRD
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I did have a slide creep problem on my '00 Journey once, which was diagnosed as a bad solenoid valve.

The new Journey has a main slide lock which I do use while traveling. Works fine.
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Winnebago Owner
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I have the electric locks which hook into the slide at the mid top of each side. After experiencing some significant cross winds on I-5 proceeding through CA I thank Winnie they put them on my coach. It's just good insurance when the rest of the world starts shaking!

Has anyone found a spell checker on this page I'm typing on?
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I also have the slide lock, on the front slide, but not the back. Have never had the back slide slip at all, but use the front lock just since it's there. Seems to me like they put it there since the exhaust brake switch is right next to the slide switch, and I could see them foreseeing someone in a panic actually sliding their slide out while intending to turn their exhaust brake on. Just my logic, otherwise, if there were issues with the slide slipping, it would seem that all of the slides should have locks, not just the front one. But, all of my mind wandering aside, we use the lock, but only because it's there...
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Winnebago Owner
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We have an 06 Horizon that has locks on both sides, not on back slide. They're electric and located on the top center of each slide. Last year, while traveling through a windy canyon, we noticed that the drivers' slide was "out" about 2 inches or so. We stopped and retracted it and not sure if we had locked it beforehand or not. Now we always make sure they are always locked before travel.
Two days ago, when we prepared to travel, we retracted our street side slide but couldn't get the lock to run. We moved the slide in and out a few times, with no success, checked the fuse, then we moved the slide out completely and we pressed the "unlock" button to make sure the locking device was in the "unlock" position. We then closed the slide and engaged the lock, which worked fine, and we hit the road! So far, so good.
Bob and Bev

06 Itasca 40' Horizon KD
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Would like to resurrect this thread.

Questions for Party Barge. Your post mentioned fuses. We have 2 circuit breakers, one for each lock. Is that what you meant? Have you had any trouble with the curb side lock?

I have 2 dead locks. Has happened while parked. Noticed problem when slideouts were retracted in preparation for leaving moho for a few days. Voltage good on output of each ckt brkr. There are no interlocks in system, per 'Bago Cust. Service.

Any ideas anyone?

2006 Itasca Horizon 40KD, 2004 Honda CR-V
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Winnebago Camper
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I had some problems with my electric slide lock on my 2006 Itasca Suncruiser 38T. It was a defective micro switch on the travel lock.

First be advised that my operators manual Section 10 has a note: Be sure locks are fully released. The room will not extend or retract if the locks are protruding more then ".
It also states to hold the lock switch until you hear the lock motor stop running. The sound is easy to hear in my coach.

Problem for me was the slide was out and would not come in because the electric lock micro switch failed. Be advised mine acted up a few times before failing. My recommendation is to get it in for service. I found that if I cycled the electric lock switch a few times the slide finally came in. You may want to try it once; I would not try multiple attempts. After multiple attempts mine failed in the locked position with the slide out. THIS IS BAD!!! We were faced with a manual retraction with the lock engaged which will cause damage to the exterior trim at the top of slide. Get up on a step ladder inside your RV and look at your lock in the retracted position when your slide is in. You will be amazed it is a hefty piece of metal.

I Called Winnebago Tech support they talked me through the following procedure. Pull the plastic cover on the electric lock. Mine is located in the cabinet above the dinette for the driver's side slide. Use a 12volt battery from a power screw driver or other hand tool and hot wire the electric motor. It doesn't matter what side you connect wires to. Connect them one way and the motor spins in one direction, connect them the other way and it spins in the other direction. This is how I got the lock unlocked and slide in with no damage.

Lesson learned: The slide will not open or close if the lock is engaged; the microswitch disables it when the lock is engaged. HOWEVER one should NOT try to engage the lock when the slide is out because one will get screwed if the lock microswitch fails!

The lock does have value and does the job. A few months later I had a problem with creep on this same slide while in storage. The bottom creped out almost 2 inches and the top (held in by the lock) stayed in. HWH recommended changing the retract solenoid and the extend solenoid. This corrected the creep. They said the problem was most likely the retract solenoid however they recommend changing both and not just one. Kind of like replacing brakes. You never put new brakes on one wheel. I am happy to say I have not had any problems with the lock or slide in the last 16 months.
2006 Itasca Suncruiser 38T

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Winnebago Camper
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I have a 2007 Tour, 40FD. The day I had my walk through, the driver side slide lock would not engage. Dealer techs worked on it for about two hrs and decided it was the lock out motor. Rather than leave the new coach on dealer lot till motors were ordered and installed they cut two baton like pieces of metal and placed rubber stoppers on each end. With the front slideouts retracted, and I also only have front lockouts,we wedged them between the wall of the coach and the frame of the slideout. The tech assured me that the slideout would not move unless I developed an hydralic leak, but was putting the batons in place for my piece of mind. Dealer tech told me that the reason Winnebago put the locks on was not to stop slideout creeping but to make the coach more water tight when you are going down the road in a rain storm.
The locks were fix and about a month later the driver side lock failed again. Since then I have not used the lock and have employed the baton again when I'm moving. I too dread having the slideout stuck in the out position and not being able to retract it.
Tom and Ellen
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Winnebago Owner
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Slapshottr and NCTom, thanks for the informative posts.

My Horizon manual has the same verbage about the locks being fully released before the sildeouts can operate. Based on this info in the book, what you folks said, and what I determined from tracing out the wires in the wiring diagrams; the 'Bago tech I spoke to is wrong in stating that there is no interlock circuitry in the lock circuits.

I assume the microswitche(s) are located near the motor(s)?

I will continue to locate the cause of neither of my lock motors turning in either direction. Since neither motor works, problem should be a common voltage or ground missing.

2006 Itasca Horizon 40KD, 2004 Honda CR-V
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