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Any one chip a 275 hp Cummins

I have a 99Chieftain with 275 Cummins my buddy has diesel shop and he wants to put a programer said it would get more power and better fuel mileage.
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Check on transmission type, some can't handle the added torque. I was told that my MT643 would not do it. Check with Allison about yours.
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I did a "Power Puck" by Diablo Motor Sports on a 275 Cummins. Took it from 275 to 325 horse. The difference in power and preformance was amazing. The fuel mileage stayed about the same or maybe a touch better. Darn sure didn't hurt it any. Would do it again.
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In our Club we had several owners re chip; After a lot of research ; They found The Horspower was incresed. To ether 300 or 330 HP; they used a bit more fuel. and suprising The torque remained the same; What was puzzeling . was the fuel milage; They used a bit more fuel but could not out pull a stock unit.. It was interesting to say the least.
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I will do some more research
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Approach this change with caution. Every engine out there, gas or diesel, has design limitations for its model year of manufacture. Those limitations are in part EPA regulated but most are in the engineering design of the engine. Everyone just sees the power change that is available from modifying the engine’s electronic operating parameters, but they have no clue as to what that change is doing on the inside. All diesel smoke (% opacity) is EPA regulated. Smoke is the product of too much fuel and not enough air. It’s that simple. One of the many sensors in the engine monitors boost pressure and will electronically override the accelerator pedal position until such a boost pressure is achieved that will burn the demanded fuel without smoke. Increasing the fuel increases the combustion pressures in the cylinders and this places a larger than design load on the wrist pins, connecting rods, crank shaft and everything behind it including the transmission (and final drive) as a previous posting has already stated. More fuel increases the design heat load on the engine and its ability to reject it through the radiator and oil cooler assemblies. The electronic aftermarket is not EPA regulated. Since they did not make your engine they are not held responsible for its compliance. All they care about is putting a smile on your face (after the chip purchase of course) when you press on the accelerator. Damage to an engine due to a power chip is very difficult to pin down and depends on where in the engine the damage took place and if it left any trail of evidence. In other words it’s very easy for the chip maker to say “our product did not cause this” and the vehicle’s owner is left with the cost of rebuild or replacement. I have seen the aftermath of a power chip gone wrong. The engine’s turbo (whose speed is also electronically controlled) over sped. This caused the compressor fan to disintegrate sending shrapnel through the engine’s intake manifold, through the intake valves, through the cylinders, through the exhaust valves, and their remaining residues were lodged in the inlet of the after treatment. There was no doubt about what caused that failure. The turbo speed had been altered in the chip to increase boost pressure. How was this verified? The owner still had the modified chip on the engine when the vehicle was towed to the shop. Chipping IMHO is a roll of the dice.
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We were in to Snowmobiling ; Bought a 1993 Winn.Vectra Pulling a trailer, (covered) With the Equipment in it Loaded. We were in a grop of 4 motorhomes. . I wanted more power. I put a $400.00 chip in in. Headed for Yellowstone, (from Seattle) In Montana some where I took that Over priced Piece Of crap out and put the stock one back it.. The power Was the same. The fuel Mileage was worse With the chip;; The manufacture can./will do it best. and it's best NOT to try to Fix something they have spent Millions of dollers on developing;..
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