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Donica 04-30-2021 10:03 PM

Loft Ladder
I find the loft ladder very scary to come down. Nothing to hang on to while I'm trying to get turned around and no way to bend my legs. If I try to come down facing the living room no way to steady myself and not much of my foot can get on the rungs and trying turn around while on the rung is impossible. How do you all manage?

Eagle5 05-01-2021 12:35 AM

Hi Donica,
You need to come down the ladder in the same orientation as the way you ascend. Facing the front of the motorhome on your stomach, slide your legs over the edge until you can get a foot-hold. I am assuming you have a Class C Minnie Winnie, right?
If you must come down the ladder facing the rear of the motorhome, you might be able to install a handrail such as this one, on the bulkhead behind the passenger seat:
Stromberg Carlson 0402.1242 AM-533 Lend-A-Hand Extended Assist Rail, Black
I do not know if you would have enough room for this to work for you, as it may not be able to fold out of the way enough to be a practical solution.
Another possible solution would be a free-standing ladder with much wider treads, such as this one:
Delxo Folding 4 Step Ladder Ladder with Convenient Handgrip
Welcome to the Forum.

Donica 05-02-2021 05:39 PM

I tried going down the way you suggested but I have no way to keep myself from sliding down waiting to bend my legs at the hip to reach a rung. I'm totally out of control and I'm afraid I will keep slipping and miss the rung and fall to the floor. I don't have enough head clearance to bend my knees while on the bed trying to descend to the first rung. I have a Itasca Navion. I may be in the wrong forum...I'm new to all this. I will check out the suggestions you gave me.

Eagle5 05-02-2021 07:33 PM

Hi Donica,
You are in the correct Forum, under the correct topic. It must be that the distance from the bunk to the ceiling is less in a Navion than it is in a Minnie Winnie. I have noticed that when there is too little vertical clearance from the bunk to the ceiling, ingress and egress becomes very awkward.
When I was looking at used motorhomes (before I bought my 22M) I looked at a class C with very little vertical clearance in the overcab berth. On that, I had to use the ladder, and slither both up and down. On my 22M, I just step on the Dinette cushion, and jump-up (or jump-down.)
Perhaps you could get something as simple as a rope which could be anchored to the center & forward-most portion of the bunk plywood, and you could use that to help ease yourself down?
Does anyone else with a Navion or View have this problem?

Donica 05-02-2021 07:42 PM

Oh, good, you understood what I was trying to put across. It's so hard to put into words something you've never had to explain...I did look at one of those telescoping ladders that looks promising. I also thought of the rope idea. Thank you for your help. I'll continue looking into this.

NeilV 05-06-2021 07:11 PM

On those, while lying face down on the bed you need to have the ladder located at the hip and drop your leg straight down onto the ladder and the turn bending at the waist to get the other leg down onto the ladder. Same as for the top bunk in a troupe transport ship or submarine.

Loft rigs like that are best left for the younger more flexible folks.

lenore 05-07-2021 07:22 PM

Yup being an old Navy guy, generally always face ladder. Wont tell you how we did some on the air craft carrier.....

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