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reeman 03-19-2021 08:32 PM

rv mobile audio recording studio anyone?
Wont work in most aluminium slums with gen sets roaring away hours on end. But: with the tech of today it might work wonderfully boon docking in quite places somewhere.

My tech is usb powered high bit rate a/d with microphones. I have noticed that the physical shape of our winnie drop makes it nice because of the rounded ceiling reflecting high frequencies mostly on cushions and especially on the bed. It can be almost like being in a studio.

Anyone else using their shack as a studio out there in camper land?

I would not take really expensive or brand name gear out in the boon docks, kind of stupid having a Gibson or Martin case in your trailer or showing one off to all and sundry.

I am a classical guitarist and my instruments are all beat up and crappy looking, but they play and sound great. Mind you I don't go so far as to let them get Willie holes in them like Trigger! :rofl:

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