PD4655LIV Charger Install in 2108DS
In prep for lithium batteries I replaced the WFCO 8955 with a Progressives Dynamics 4655LIV charger. This involved replacing the charger and 12v distribution panel, while the original WFCO cabinet and AC section remained.
Testing the battery terminal cables while on shore power with the PD4655
The plastic cover is replaced and it fits over the new 12v board
AC wires are connected below.  Converter +/- are connected above.  Branch circuit wires and corresponding fuses are methodically moved one at a time.  Finally the board is pushed into place with some...
The PD4655 slides right into place.  It slides into the original WFCO slot in the back and the tab adapter at the front clicks into place.  Then feed the converter +/- cables into the 12v board...
Here is the empty space for the charger now that the WFCO charger is out.  The PD4655 comes with a black plastic adapter that is screwed in place with the original WFCO screws.  Note the tabs face...
Original charger unit may now be unscrewed with two screws and the wires pulled free.   The new charger unit appears to the right.
The new 12v board has the battery +/- cables installed.  The original 12v board is sitting on top with all the branch connections still wired.
Zoomed in photo of the original 12v board.  In the center is the black clip that must be squeezed in to release the board.
Original 12v panel photo "just in case"
The original WFCO is still installed and the new toys are on the floor

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