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Sur-Flo 5.7 Run Dry

We've been out camping a couple times with our new to us 2004 Itasca Suncruiser. Yesterday we returned home and the Sur-Flo 5.7 water pump was run that day while we were cleaning up. It got left on last night and I noticed today that it was running and no longer appeared to have a prime.

I've tried opening a faucet and running it, there is plenty of water in the tank (over 1/3 full), and I don't see any leaks nor does it appear that the tank drained down.

Have we cooked the pump or is there something else I should be doing to re prime it? Thanks for your advise.

Mark & Christine-
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Make sure that there is water at the inlet. Does it still run?
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Sounds like you fried the pump. I did a similar thing while winterizing a class c. Pumped in the antifreeze and forgot to turn the pump off. When the temp got cool and the antifreeze cooled there was enough pressure change to turn the pump on. Ran for several days before I found it. It was almost as cheap to replace pump as to rebuild it. You might as well get a new pump..
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You should be able to feel the vibration on the pump motor to be sure it is trying to turn. Put a meter, or test light, on the power wire to make sure it is getting power. My pump will automatically turn Off after a few minutes of constant running to prevent burning out. If your pump does the same thing you may need to take power away for a minute or so to let the circuit reset, assuming your pump has the same protection.
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Check your "City fill/ tank fill" valve to make sure it is in the "City fill" position. On my rig, if you leave the valve in the 'tank fill" position, with the pump on, the pump will run constantly, pumping water out of the freshwater tank and back into it. Hope his is the only problem.
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If Chas's suggestion doesn't pan out, pump is fried. I had same thing recently. Pump was hot as a pistola. Mine was still in warranty, and a local trailer supply outfit did an over the counter exchange. On mine, the thing would still push water thru a faucet (tho probably not enough for a decent shower), and it never shut off, i.e wouldn't reach pressure to trip its switch & shut off.

5.7 has its date of mfgr on the label, and warranty is 3 years. I'm impressed w/the warranty including its process. However, I carry a spare pump bolted into place where I can wire & plumb over to it in a few minutes, cuz w/out a pump I have no water.
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Most of the Shur-Flows can be ran dry without damage. Check the web site for your model and you may find it will be OK. If you have an input filter/screen on the pump trying opening it slightly while the pump is running to get a small water flow. This may prime the pump and allow it come up to pressure.

My Shur FLow ran dry for more than 10 days straight while we were away from the rig. The pump lost the prime and it was difficult to get the prime re-established. Once the prime was established the pump worked fine and continues to work fine. We're currently dry camping and have been for two weeks... pump is working great.

Anyway, one year later and the pump is still working great.
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The model 5.7 has had its share of problems. I'm on my fourth (under warranty). Good product, great warranty, but not always reliable. You didn't "fry" your pump since the 5.7 is designed to run dry. Follow some of the tips here and see how it goes. It might have simply passed away in the night. If so, look at the manufacture date on the pump (It'll be on a metallic label). If it's less than 3 years old, you can send it in to ShurFlo for a new one. However, the postage (to send it to them) will be on you. Let us know how things work out.

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Thanks for all your suggestions. I had already traded out the pump prior to several suggestions which might have helped, however I have kept the old pump which was too old to send in under warranty. WHEN this one finally buys the farm I will give that a try.

I will tell you that at this point I am disputing the "new" pump purchase I made with AdventureRV after they sent what I believe to be a refurbished instead of new pump, and one that had a broken mounting post to boot. They have thus far refused to accept it as a return for one without a broken mounting post.

When you purchase refurbished products they nearly always come in plain cardboard boxes. This is exactly what the pump came in from AdventureRV which I didn't think anything of at the time. It wasn't until I purchased a pump from my local dealer Craig Smith RV that I realized that the pump should have come in a fully labeled box. The accessories were even in a stapled bag vs. sealed as they came in the new box from Craig Smith.

I recommend you use caution when dealing with AdventureRV so you don't have the same problems I did.
Mark & Christine-
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Bandirector: Is that AdventureRV in Wichita, Kansas? I've heard several negative comments about them and one item I did try to buy from them was priced to me at about $62 when I had just bought the same thing from Winnebago at Forest City a few months earlier for about $37. Some freight could have added to the cost but not that much.

I'm on my 4th ShurFlo 5.7 pump for various causes (2 of them leaked around the head, one wouldn't stop running, and the other one kept surging just like the cheaper pumps) but thankfully they were all under warranty. Sure would have hated to pay over $200 for each one.

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This AdventureRV is located is Sevierville Tennessee and I have two issues with them.

During my entire purchase process they showed shipping insurance which I wanted and believed I was getting. Somehow they lost the shipping on my purchase in the final invoice they sent after the confirmation page. You don't see this until you receive your receipt by email. There was no way to know shipping insurance had been stripped from the order unless you went back and through the process of reordering and then compared it to your receipt that was sent via email. I pointed this out to AdventureRV however they are still unwilling to correct this on their site.

By canceling my shipping insurance, AdventureRV has maintained that I declined it which is impossible. AdventureRV doesn't even give you the opportunity to decline shipping insurance in the purchasing process.

The reason this became important was my pump arrived with one of the mounting posts broken. I immediately contacted them to let them know of this and that's when they claimed I had refused the "optional" shipping insurance.

My other issue with them is that I believe they substituted a refurbished pump for a new one. As I pointed out above after better then a week (it's been almost a month now) I needed to replace the pump and purchased a new one from a local dealer. It was only then that I realized the pump should have come from the company with a fully labeled box and accessories bag sealed vs. stapled together as AdventureRV's did.

I will never recommend AdventureRV to anyone as I believe they are substituting refurbished parts for new and they are playing games when purchasing to avoid shipping insurance issues.
Mark & Christine-
04 Winnebago Itasca Suncruiser - 35U
02 Mustang GT & 11 Escape Limited 2WD
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Since this is the most recent date for a shurflo post---
My 5.7 has fried and is out of warranty. I've seen a lot of posts with issues on these.
Has anyone found something more reliable?
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