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Travato 59K
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Winnebago View models

Thinking of upgrading to a View. Could the View owners here share their thoughts on the model they chose? Iíd also like to have thoughts on options like the diesel generator. Thanks!
Ron and Cindy
2020 Travato 59K
2018 Travato 59K
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Just type "view navion" into the search box above and to the right, hit enter, and you'll see a list of threads with answers to your questions.
Here's a list of past threads ....
2018 (2017 Sprinter Cab Chassis) Navion24V + 2016 JKU (sold @ ????)
2016 Sunstar 26HE, V10, 3V, 6 Speed (sold @ 4600 miles)
2002 Roadtrek C190P (sold @ 315,000kms)
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We've had our 2021 View 24D for over a month - with 3 week long trips already - and are very satisfied with our purchase.

We have the diesel generator, because we wanted to run from the engine fuel tank and not from the much smaller LP tank.

After factory, we added an additional 280W of solar panels, HWH leveling system (removed the hydraulic stabilizers), built-in surge protector, Amp-L-Start, two 125 Ah lithium batteries, TPMS, WeBoost Reach Extreme RV (this uses the higher powered Reach booster coupled with an upgraded interior antenna), Winegard Connect 2.0, and replaced the stock 32" basic TV with a 32" Samsung 4K Smart TV.

We've also purchased a Solaire Everywhere LP gas grill, with their low pressure connection kit (since the View's LP port is low pressure).

Looking forward to taking frequent trips with our new View...
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Hi. I have a 2018 Winnebago View model 24D. It is the murphy bed and I absolutely love it!!!! Before I bought it I had a 2009 Navion model 24A. I loved the 24A but needed a dinette for my grandchildrens car seat to be installed. I love the layout, to me it is the best of all of the floorplans. The only issue is I've had a couple of issues with the microwave and water heater. Truma is shipping me a new water heater but I can't find any advice on the microwave problem.
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I just bought a 20VJ. I went with the bed for the increased usability with the slide in, a dedicated always available bed, and the increased storage. Since I travel solo, the corner bed is not a problem. For a couple, the inside person would have to wake the other person if they needed to get up in the middle of the night. I’ve had it a month and I’m very happy with the decision.

For options I have the diesel generator, full body paint, and lithium option. I had the dealer add 170w additional solar panel, amp-l-start, and HWH automatic levelers and removed the power stabilizers.
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I forgot to mention, that I also have the diesel generator and it is definitely the way to go. My previous Navion was an LP generator and I was always having to stop for LP.
This is so much better!!
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We bought a 2006 View 23H in 2005. Loved it, except for the propane generator. The H floor plan isnít made anymore, and although beds had to be made/unmade every night/day, it felt roomy. We logged about 70,000 miles with it.

We bought a 2012 Navion 24G in 2012. Had full body paint, aluminum wheels, diesel generator and it was a very pretty rig. We learned the bed wasnít very comfortable for us and the living area seemed small. We ended up trading it for a Tiffin diesel pusher in 2014 and did the Class A thing for four years.

In 2018 we bought a 2018 View 24D. Definitely wanted a diesel generator, but the full body paint and aluminum wheels werenít necessary for our needs. We now have a very comfortable bed (Murphy, goes up all made up and comes down ready for some snoozing). The living area is nearly as big as our Tiffin Breeze had (with the Murphy bed tucked away, of course).

YMMV ... I hope you discover whatís needed/wanted/comfortable for you and jump in!
Warren and Debbie
2018 Winnebago View 24D
2014 Tiffin Breeze 32BR, 2012 Winnebago Navion 24G, 2006 Winnebago View 23H
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Rprochnow- do you have any advice on solar panel additions layout on the roof? Is your 280 watt addition over and above the two stock panels 3 additional panels? I’ll be taking my 24D to CampingWorld when it arrives end August for the solar upgrade. I’ll need room for a Winegard Connect 2.0, and want to leave space on the roof in case I ever feel the need for satellite. Unlikely but I don’t want to close the option.
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We have a Winegard Connect 2.0 plus a 110W and 180W standard solar panel (not the flex panels that Winnebago installs). There's enough room on the roof for all of that.

We were considering a satellite dish, and Lichtsinn wasn't confident they'd be able to fit it up there.

Since we don't already have a satellite subscription at home, we decided against the satellite dish - because the price for the service is much too high for an RV that is used only part-time.

Instead, we focused on streaming - which is what we watch most of the time at home anyway (including streaming our live and recorded TV from our home TiVo).

So we also added a WeBoost to boost the cell signal inside the RV (would recommend the WeBoost Reach Extreme RV Signal Booster Kit, which provides the stronger cell signal using the Reach booster and stronger signal inside the RV with the upgraded interior antenna.

Our smartphones support 4G/LTE plus one phone supports 5G, and each phone gets 50GB of hotspot data per month. If we're at a location that doesn't have high speed WiFi, we'll connect the Winegard to one of our phones (as a hotspot) and run all of our internet through the Winegard through a phone hotspot - which works for our tablets, laptops and the TV.

We also replaced the stock ATYME 32" dumb (i.e., not smart) TV with a 32" Samsung Q50R 4K UHD Smart TV. Not only does the TV include streaming apps, it can stream 4K programming from Netflix, Prime Video, VuDu, Disney+, ...
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Winnebago Camper
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Rprochnow- As we’ve are getting closer to our delivery, I’m back to reviewing your well appreciated comments. From your post, it sounds like you added 290w, not 280, for a total of 490 watts solar. In any case, I think the Zamp controller provided on the 24D is only good for 400w, correct? If so how did Lichtsinn handle this? Also, I’m told the flex panels have 10 year warranty on the flex structure, 20 years on the output. I think they would have less wind loading and less weight on the roof. I assume this was in the noise for you.

We have AT&T DirecTV, but I’ve never known if I can shift my home service to the RV while on travel. I don’t want to carry and store a portable unit, and I doubt I would take the time to deploy it. I doubt we would start using it much, but since we have a second home in AZ we travel to, if I can ‘shift’ the service to the 24D and then to the AZ home, that would be an incentive. So while I would like to max out the solar as you did, I’d also like to plan in a spot for the possibility of satellite. I’m also wondering if when you got done, was there any room to maneuver on the roof, or is the ladder extraneous now? If you should happen to have a roof photo, I would very, very much appreciate seeing it. I like our local Camping World for these kind of installs, but I don’t expect them to always have the best approach to a roof layout.

Like you, we mostly stream movies on occasion. I’m keeping my eye on the Samsung 32Q50, but it hasn’t budged off its $500 mark. I’m hoping for a Best Buy sale for Labor Day. In any case, I’ll work hard to add an articulating low profile mount, since I think tilting downward will be highly desirable. Do you still enjoy yours?

I have a Connect 2.0 on my just sold Pleasure-Way Plateau TS. I also always maintain one iPad with cellular. I have to run a test before turning over my Class B, but hope I can swap the iPad chip into the Connect. We’ve got unlimited data with AT&T, and with WiFi Calling should be able to get by without a cell boost solution. But thanks for your recommendations on this.

So are you still 100% happy with the 24D, and problem free? I hope so.
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Winnebago Owner
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Lichtsinn installed 110W and 170W panels, bringing out total to 480W, below the 500W limit of the Zamp controller.

When they told us they would use solid panels instead of flex, I was comfortable with their explanation, though can't recall what they told us right now.

Dish offers a reasonably priced RV plan for customers who have home subscriptions. Don't believe DirecTV offers this. Otherwise, you can end up spending a lot of $$$ for satellite - which may not be worthwhile unless you are RVing full-time.

Just completed our first weekend trip in the 24D.

The biggest disappointment is with Mercedes Pro Connect. We've been working with Mercedes tech support for 2 months, and they still haven't been able to get it activated in our View - so no MBUX software updates - no map updates, basically forcing us to use Android Auto.

No major problems with the D (so far)...
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