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2016 Adv 38Q- is central floor duct vented to compartments?

Freezing weather has come upon us here in the deep south. Thought I might get through the winter without winterizing. WRONG!! Extended period in lower 20's here now . I had been told, but have been unable to verify that the central floor heating duct on the 2016 38Q is vented to supply heat to the lower compartments when using the gas heat. I checked the on line 3D schematics and can see no openings or vents to the lower compartments??

As I am running the propane to try to keep the rig above freezing for a few nights does anyone know if these openings or vents from the central ducts to the lower compartments really exist? I sure can't find them??

Anyone have any experience with this or am Ii doomed to using beaucoup little space heaters in the lower storage compartments, tank areas and wet bay???

Thanks Joe
Joe a/k/a "Americanrascal"
2016 Winnebago Adventurer 38Q +tow dolly
8th RV to sit in our driveway in 35 years
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Temperature in lower 20's sounds good today - we had -14 degrees this morning. We have a 2018 Vista 32YE and had 22 degrees last November in Sioux City, SD. Took a fair amount of LP but I could feel the warm floor in the bedroom. Tried to get a good answer with Coach-Net last fall but they just referred to "should be a duct underneath" and "talk to your dealer". I did order from Amazon an ORIA Indoor Outdoor thermometer with three wireless sensors. Placed two in camper & the third next to the fresh water and pump area. Sensors don't function thru metal but we were getting readings from below in the 40 degree range. It was a good test and nice to know the basement temperature. My contact said the "duct" would not be effective below ten degrees. Have never been able to determine exactly where the heat was fed into the compartments below - may need a trip to the factory. Hope this is of use to you.
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On our 2017 37F the forward most heater duct, behind the passenger chair isn’t a duct at all it’s simply open behind the grate to the compartment below. There may be one behind the drivers chair too but I haven’t seen it or looked for it.

Not sure how much good it does, you know... heat rises. I could see that warming the compartment just below the grate but don’t see how it would heat all the others. Each does have a light and on mine they are not LEDs perhaps they could provide a little.

If your worried about just the wet locker put a 110v trouble light in there.

Also no need to worry about 20’s during the nighttime if it will warm to the mid-30’s during the daytime.

A water hose outdoors will freeze but the thermal mass of your coach, especially when heated would take days to reach freezing in compartments.
2017 Winnebago Adventurer 37F
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Think I got this worked through

Thanks folks for replying.

I have some comfort this evening. I went through the on line schematics and every part of the three operating manuals--- crickets on the subject- no info.

I haven't found any outlets to the lower bay behind or under the seats on ours. The schematics depict, and I can also visually see the duct from the heater at the rear of the coach extends all the way to the front of the coach and I do feel heat output from it. The schematics show the floor vents emanating up from the main duct, but nothing going down?

The good news is I dug up the old sales brochure for the 2016 year and model and it states the tank area is heated. While I have never been able to find anything to verify this I doubt they'd say that and not make some provision for getting the heat in there.

It was about 23 here last night-- all night long- and we did get up to a balmy 36 today. Supposed to be in the low 20's the next 2 nights.

Last night for peace of mind I did activate the 100 watt cube heater in the wet bay to support whatever heat came from the propane heat system to the lower bay. At 10 AM this morning we hit 35 so I went out and shut off the propane heat. I placed a remote digital thermometer in the tank bay between the black and gray water tanks on the pass side. At noon it was still reading 48 degrees which seemed to assure me all is and would be well. Now at 8PM tonight(outside temp 33 and dropping) the lower bay temp was 44 and I reactivated the propane heat with the control panel heat set at 54 degrees.

That 45K BTU heater in the rig really gobbles up the gas. I use an extend-a-stay attached to an external 20 lb tank. Figured I used about 40% least night and hope I can get through the night. The rig seems to hold heat well.

This cold snap is a bit unusual for us. We occasionally get one or 2 nights in a row like this but more than that is rare in these parts.
Joe a/k/a "Americanrascal"
2016 Winnebago Adventurer 38Q +tow dolly
8th RV to sit in our driveway in 35 years
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Old 01-27-2020, 10:13 AM   #5
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I own a 2015 Itasca Sonova 35G and have found that the front two heater vents behind the driver and passenger seats and the vent in front of the sink are blocked by the Vent stack pipe from the Black tank that runs right through the duct between the bathroom vent and the kitchen vent in front of the sink. I was getting no heat from the living room vents at all and little from the kitchen vent. I see why Winnie put a fireplace in the living room to fix their error of blocking the duct. To get heat from the blocked vents I removed the vent covers in the bedroom, bathroom and kitchen and cut the bottom off the vent cover that was blocking the flow of heat from the shallow duct and fully taped off the bedroom vent and taped the bathroom vent 3/4 off and the kitchen vent 1/2 way off to allow heat to the front two vents. When I questioned the Winnie people that told me they had to use the leftover black tanks from the previous year model and that's were the stack pipe ended up in the 2015 model year. Go figure????
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Found out on our 2005 Adventurer that some of the compartments do have heat ducting from the propane heater As has been noted there is very little documentation of this in either schematics or literature, but I found out one time when the heater was running and I opened the wet bay door and clearly felt hot air coming out (from somewhere?)

My concern is about all the connected plumbing, not so much the tanks. Since there are many feet of PEX plumbing pipes running all over under the rig I really do not know how well it is all insulated / heated. What I do when temps drop into the 20's is ensure that the water heater is on - so the radiated heat loss from the tank helps heat that bay somewhat - and periodically run some hot water through the rear most bath faucet to keep a little flow going. Under the assumption that the hot & cold water lines are running together in parallel under the rig so that the hot water flowing through the pipes will also warm up the cold water piping a bit as well.

So far no issues but it is somewhat of a mystery on how much cold water protection is built in.
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Old 01-28-2020, 06:21 AM   #7
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Thanks for the follow up folks. Its getting to be an interesting research project for me. I use an external extend a flow propane set up to provide heat in the rig when the night temps drop below 28 for an extended period of time. Even at that the 45K BTU on board propane heater gobbles the LP up quickly. I need a bigger tank as 20 lbs tanks are a bit light for this project!!

So far I am skeptical that I have venting out of the below floor duct into the wet bay/tank areas of the rig. I set the coach thermostat to 55 degrees and it maintains that temp quite well in the upper living space.

Using a remote thermometer in the wet bay area, near the water pump, over the propane tank (sealed area) and on the right side between tanks, I can only maintain about 38 degrees when the external temp drops to 25 while the interior is maintained at 55. Hard to tell if there is really any heat ducted at all to the area. While 38 keeps it safe its a little close for comfort.

I've been all over the under bay areas looking for some sort of opening in the central duct-- no luck finding one as of yet. Thinking of getting one of those little TV cameras on a flex stick to see if I can locate anything. WBGO techs said they were there but I am not a believer as of yet given the temp differentials.
Joe a/k/a "Americanrascal"
2016 Winnebago Adventurer 38Q +tow dolly
8th RV to sit in our driveway in 35 years
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