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Winnebago Windshield

DH and I are planning on purchasing an RV in the next year and so far, we really like the Winnebago reputation, price, floor plans and reviews. However the information that some of the Winnebagos have really bad windshield rust problems has me concerned. Is there any certain model or year that have this problem? How can we make sure we don't get one with this problem? Being a newbie to this forum, I would appreciate any information I can get. We will be full-timing and cannot afford to miss a problem like this when we buy one.
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Welcome to our forum.:welcome:

I'm sure someone with the information you seek will chime in soon.
Good Luck, Be Safe and Above All, Don't Forget To Have Fun
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Welcome to the forum. It's something to be aware of but not insurmountable. You'll no doubt get some good advice here.

Cliff,Tallulah and Buddy ( 1999-2012 )
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I have the 2007 model in my signature. Everything was fine until last week when we were in a torrential downpour in northern Michigan. We got just short of 4" of rain in less than 24 hours.

We noticed a small drip near the top center of the windshield onto the dash. Put some towels down to catch the water until the rain stopped. When we got home I removed the interior trim just below the front cabinets and saw the telltale signs of rust. Removing that trim allows you to see the upper windshield metal framework. From what we could observe it appears we may have caught it early as it appears fairly minor. We could see some rust in only that one small area.

I don't believe the current models have experienced any problems. I will be contacting Winnebago customer service to see if I can persuade them to participate in the repair as there are so many mentions of this problem. I'm not real hopeful, but can't loose anything by asking.
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Any of their class A coaches with the windshield set in a metal frame has the potential. My 2002 Journey had a windshield break from rust. The amount of rust behind the glass was pretty amazing. I know of others in later model years with the same problem.

In more recent years (not sure exactly when), Winnebago modified the approach to windshield installation and fixed the problem. Perhaps a call to Winnebago to ask them in which model year did they change the process is a good idea.
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I am currently having the windshields replaced in my 2004 Journey (106,000 miles) ... multiple rock chips and a single crack in both windshields ...

I have $500 deductible on windshields so decided it was time to replace them.

After the old windshields were removed, I went to the repair shop to see what probably caused the start of the cracks ... on our Journey the windshield sits on 2 short pieces of "angle iron" bracket with a rubber bumper between the glass and the bracket ... on my rig there was some rust but the main culprit, in my estimation, was the disappearance/disintegration of the rubber bumper.

Would I say that Winnebago has rust problems with the windshield ... yeah some ... but in my case rust was only part of the problem ...
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A simple case of people crying wolf and the vocal minority blowing the occasional problem out or proportion to the thousands of Winnebago MH on the road.
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Don't worry about it too much. Owners of other brands also report windshield leak problems.
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I had a used 03 Suncruiser and shortly after I got it I noticed signs of a leak. I had the glass shop look close and they convinced the Insurance Co. to replace both sides due to the crack. After they got it out they found some rust on the upper left drivers glass near the T connector. They cleaned it up and treated it with some type of rust inhibitor.
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I owned a 99 DP Adventurer and 06 Meridian DP from new and neither had any problems with windshield rust whatsoever. Both were garaged so maybe this had something to do with it. Can't really say. Good luck.
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Originally Posted by rream View Post
A simple case of people crying wolf and the vocal minority blowing the occasional problem out or proportion to the thousands of Winnebago MH on the road.
To someone that knows of at least seven MH's that this has happened to (rusted windshield frames), including mine, I've got to say 'now that's funny!' Especially after spending $3,800 to have mine repaired.

Doing a Google on the subject will bring up plenty of owners from different RV forums that are 'crying wolf' and have been stuck with this issue, along with the cost to repair. I'm sure they are all laughing about blowing $1,500 - $4,000 to repair the rust and replace the glass too!

Do you actually have any specifics or facts on how many 1999-2008 Winnebago/Itasca motorhomes have been sold compared to the 'occasional problems' that you quote? Winnebago refuses to release any information on how many claims and complaints that have been filed, so I'm curious how you obtained the information... please feel free to post the facts for all of us that have actually had this issue.

I would hate to think that you are confusing your 'opinions' with the real 'facts' of a well-known, well-documented issue.
Ricardo Tegarini
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Originally Posted by rream View Post
A simple case of people crying wolf and the vocal minority blowing the occasional problem out or proportion to the thousands of Winnebago MH on the road.
I'm with RTegarin on this one. I have a 2008 and about 1 year after purchase the dealer had to have mine repaired under warranty. Now I do consider that it was manufactured in 2007 and put on the market in 2008. I purchased new. I can't tell you how many Winnebago's have been into this dealer alone for window repair. I acquired another leak just last year, but it is thought that it is from a roof area. That is supposedly fixed but I have not been in a rain area. The service manager also stated that it can cost up to $4000 to repair if the front cap has to be removed.

It has been a very well known problem on Winnebago motor homes for several years. Why can't they just acknowledge it and manufacture with safeguards in place.

While I'm venting, consider the compartments on the Winnebago's. The body is dipped and the paint has no primer under the paint. The paint is less than paper thin. I have to continually keep up with scraping and painting with a good primer and paint. Not many of the manufactures undercoat their vehicles. I would have paid a little extra for that feature. It wasn't offered. Crawl under sometimes and take a look.

As for the Windshields, yes there are thousands of Winnebago motor homes on the road, and there is no accurate count of how many have windshield leaks. I'm just going to assume that it is in the thousands also.

Talking from one experienced dissatisfied owner, pay a great amount of money for something that was/is, or will be, broke.

Personally, I will never by a Winnebago again.
Wayne MSGT USMC (Ret) & Earlene (CinCHouse)
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Thanks to everybody who responded as I now have a little bit better idea of what to look out for. Since this will be our home, not a vacation vehicle, it would probably be to our benefit to pay for an RV inspection and let the inspector know this is something we are very concerned about to make sure he looks for it, too.
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We bought a 2005 Journey. We love it. We did have problems with the windshelds. They will build up rust behind them and will crack. I had them pulled out and I repaired all the rust. Put por 15 all the way around it and installed 2 new windsheilds. I work on trucks and old cars for a living and wasn't to bad. I had 1600.00 in 2 pieces of glass and had them installed. pull the inside molding out and look for rust trails.. I hope this helps. o buy the way we just got back from a 4000 mile trip and we hit a Goose. Broke the drivers side windsheid.. Just my luck..
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