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Sat. or cable tv jack?

On my 2004 Adventurer there is a jack in one of the storage bins next to the phone jack labeled Cable. Will this jack work for Satelite reception or is it only for Cable TV? I don't have sat. yet as I can't decide whether to subscribe to Dish or Direct so haven't tried either cable in the jack as yet. Any advice about the jack will be appreciated.
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Yes, it can be used to connect a portable sat dish to your video distribution system.
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I would check for any splitters that may be in-line. TV splitters are in the VHF range and satellite frequencies are way above that and may not be passed by a VHF splitter.

I believe they make a splitter that will pass both VHF/UHF and Satellite frequencies. I have not researched that.
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I'm far from an expert on this but with the coach being a few years old, I'd also check to make sure the cable is RJ6 and not RJ59 before you invested in a dish.
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It will work but you will have to use, as noted, an A-B switch in the receiver area between the receiver and/or distribution box and the TV.
Somewhere on here someone had a great drawing on how to set this up. I used it and worked great.
From experience, if you get Sat. TV get Direct TV, much easier to work with and more user freindly.

Good Luck,
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Originally Posted by lllkrob View Post
Yes, it can be used to connect a portable sat dish to your video distribution system.
Why would you want to connect your dish to the distribution system?

Your dish needs to be connected to the "sat in" on the receiver. That being said, you can probably use it by disconnecting it from the video switch and connecting that end to your reciever.
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First: For a satellite system to work properly you need good quality RG-6 cable to hook it up.. Many motor homes and trailers that Park-Cable in jack is RG-59 and though some folks will yammer about how that short run it don't matter.. IT DOES!

Now. there are two different video distribution systems that are common in Motor Homes and trailers.. one is a box of many buttons.. With this box, if you wish to use the lesser cable and see if it works (It might) simply unhook the park cable from the back of the box and route to the LNB in on the sat receiver. Nothing special.. Use of an A/B Switch (2 bucks at the Google Store, Google "Antenna Switch" withour w/o quotes) makes it possible to quickly switch back to park-cable

The more common one in smaller rigs is a wall plate, it has a (The same size as an outlet cover or a light switch cover in a house) it has a 12 volt outlet (Big round hole) a button or switch , a light and an antenna connection

The park-Cable line goes to the back side of this box. You have to disconnect it and extend it to the sat receiver (I recommend running it to the TV-ANT in but more on that latter) then extend the sat-receiver's out back to the park-cable "port" (Connection) on the back of the switch plate.

My suggestion is run new RG-6 from the LNB in jack on the sat receiver to either a bulkhead (Through wall) connector or a ground block connector in the basement of the rig.. Use only that for the satellite side of the receiver.

Run the park cable to the Sat-receiver's TV-Ant-IN jack. and run the sat receiver's TV_OUT as described above

Here is what you get

Switch plate on: Over the air TV antenna (Batwing)
Switch plat off and Sat receiver ON: Sat tv
Both switch and Sat receiver OFF: Park cable

Winegard's suggestion (to use the park cable as LNB in) does not give you the park cable option. And reduceses the performance of the sat system due to the lesser cable already installed.
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Winnebago used a good quality RG6 at least as far back as 2003.

The addition of a simple A/B switch to the Winegard approach will allow the cable in to be used for both an external sat dish and cable TV.

Winegard recommends the diagram below.

Note that this assumes your front TV is connected to the coax connector on the front of the wall plate. Winnebago doesn't use that outlet but instead adds a splitter in the line labeled "To second TV" that will send the signal to both the front and rear TVs (if you have two TVS).

What Winegard calls a "power supply" below is the wall plate with the antenna booster switch and LED showing when the amplifier is on.

If you still want to be able to use the external cable in for both cable TV and the external dish just add an A/B switch to switch the incoming coax from the sat receiver sat input to the sat receiver TV input.

One thing not shown in the diagram is using the RCA type connections between the sat receiver and the TV. I connect them and get a better picture with no interference from any local channels. You have to select a "video in" with your TV menu instead of using channel 3 (for example).

If you have a a video distribution box you will of course have to take that into account.

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Yes, it will work just fine ... don't worry about RJ6, RJ59, RJ/RG anything else or where the bedroom/outside splitter is or what type it is or whatever else you might be encouraged to worry about...

On my 2003 Winnebago Ultimate I added a power pass 1-side diplexer (fancy name for a splitter) to the catv input. The power side is labeled "sat" and the non-power side is labeled "ant." I added the same type diplexer behind the switch box up front to separate the sat and catv signals. This allowed me to hook up our Dish 500 portable dish to the diplexer "sat" input and at the same time connect CATV to the "ant" input. It all works together just fine.

And, yes, there is only one sat coax coming into the MH and we do get signals from both the 110 and 119 and can watch either sat simultaneously on different TVs because we installed a "Dish Plus Separator" provided by the Dish installer behind the sat box. The Dish Plus Separator separates the two sat signals into the two inputs on the back of the 322 Dual receiver. And the outside TV gets the same signal as the bedroom TV just fine and dandy! It's been 5 years since we set it up so I don't remember the details exactly ...can't recall the exact sequence of connection for the switch box and Dish Plus Separator. The splitter for the bedroom/outside tv doesn't matter in our setup because it is not between the sat receiver and the dish LNBs ... it simply carries the picture signal that the receiver box is sending out.
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Sat. Ant.

Thanks for all the help-I think. Will sort through all the replies as I hook it up and see what works best. Thanks again.
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This is a great thread, even for us non Winny owners. Maybe if the op suggested it, the mods would move it over to technical. I certainly learned some things.
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Here's a diagram of how we hooked a second satellite dish into our coach. The cable connector is in our electrical compartment. We added 2 diplexers (1 in the electrical compartment and a second in the cabinet containing the distribution center). We ran a new cable from the diplexer in the distribution center cabinet to a new selector switch (sat switch) mounted in the cabinet containing the satellite box.

Now if trees or other obstacles are in the way of the roof mounted dish we just hook a portable one into the diplexer in the electrical compartment. Sometimes it's a lot easier to hook up the second dish than trying to maneuver the coach to a position where the roof mounted one gets a signal

Click image for larger version

Name:	Sat Dish Diagram.jpg
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Size:	25.5 KB
ID:	2941
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