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FYI all owners of (any year) Micro Minnie 1706FB

Hi all, I just registered, so am new here. I would like to relate an incident that happened to myself and my fiance, over the Canadian Thanksgiving Long Weekend.

Just some background, after being out of RV'ing..(trailer pull's) for over 25 years, I decided to step once more back into the RV 'pool'.

I settled on a 2018 Winnebago Micro Minnie model 1706FB. A couple had purchased it in 2018, and decided for their needs, they would like ten more feet, so, traded it in on a 30 footer. I was lucky to have had my 'feelers' out with a certain dealer...and they notified me that this particular, practically new, trailer had come in on trade.

The rest is history...and now I own, and love it...a great towing trailer for two, that is being pulled by my 2019 Dodge Grand Caravan with the OEM Mopar Tow Package as ordered. At 60 MPH, set on Cruise Control, I am getting a fabulous 13.5-15 MPG. So, this trailer is truly tow-able for the long thousand mile trip, without breaking the fuel purchase 'bank. Well, that's the recent history, and now onto why I am posting a FYI...

The Micro Minnie 1706FB is a truly great gem for two...if you don't mind having a Queen bed frame and support that you can't walk around. Yes, the person sleeping near the front wall of the trailer has to carefully move over their partner, if one needs to exit the bed during the night...but truly, that is no real hardship, for at least, us. is the very bed frame that supports the plywood, that supports the mattress that is the main point of my first post.

While we were sleeping on it...****IT FAILED*** and we heard a loud, resounding CRACK, like a shotgun the entire bed frame on the front side of the trailer, fell down at least 3 inches below level. I was on that side, and am a 250 pound, 6'3" man...and my Fiance is 125 pounds at 5'10", so the failure of the bed-frame beneath our sleeping bodies should NEVER have occurred, if the construction by the Winnebago Factory, was manufactured to meet the demands and task of supporting two adults, in slumber.

We scrambled out of bed...and after I asked her to move over to the wall side, as I turned on the Storage Compartment LED light...and could see that the very, flimsy, wall support stud, had failed...and the sound we heard was the ridiculously flimsy wood stock of the bulkhead, ripping out of the screws and falling free. We were lucky we were not hurt, or even impaled by any of the other 'painting mixing sticks' that Winnebago used to create the under-support frame of the bed. We were lucky...

My fiance then transferred to the Dinette, and I placed three towels on the floor in front of the Dinette, and got what little rest I could, on the floor. We tried to not let it ruin the camping trip.

On returning home, I went directly to my selling dealer, and showed them what had happened. They were truly aghast, and (off Winnie warranty, as this was a used trailer), I stated that I wanted the entire bed frame rebuilt with 2X4 under-structure, and an added 3/8's plywood over the ridiculous 1/8 plywood, that was the OEM install. So...two days later, I got the call to come and pick up my trailer.

They did a fabulous job, of rebuilding the Queen bed frame in my 2018 Micro Minnie 1706FB, that two rutting elephants couldn't move 1/16th inch up, down, east, west, north, south, on the frame. The dealer who is 270 pounds, moved over to the wall side that had the failed OEM 'match stick' bulkhead, and then I, at 250 pounds, lay down beside him...the mattress and bed frame beneath us, didn't move (he simulated a person rolling over to their right side, and left side, as I did the same, as two people sleeping during the night would have as movement upon the bed frame beneath you, and the new bolstered beefed up bed frame...didn't even make a squeak. After the demo of their work, (I asked him, if this means, we should get engaged, and he just ROARED out in laughter...and said that comment made his day!) So what did they do?

The assigned RV tech, first created a 'house supporting' 2x4 false wall, bulkhead, that rested vertically off of the very floor of the Cross Through Storage, (at the front wall of the trailer) which only created a loss of 3 and 3/4 inches (the width of a true 2X4), from the storage cubic foot available. No big deal at all.

On the side of the bed frame that houses the access to the HWT (for Winterization), they also trussed up the original bed frame, with added 2X4's, that then were supported (PROPERLY!!!!!) right down to the very floor of the trailer. This is how Winnebago, ***SHOULD*** have manufactured a critical human interaction, feature that would be used 8-10 hours per 24 hours of camping/vacation time!!!!

Folks...better warned than, surprised, for those that own this model--->1706FB (any manufactured year). Your bed frame, will at some time, fail...sooner or later, (most likely as mine did, at the front wall support bulkhead)...and it could be at the most worst time...with you hundreds or thousands of miles from home...and literally, your vacation and enjoyment of your trailer you paid thousands for...could be ruined, or worst yet...cause physically or mortal injury to yourselves. Imagine for a moment, NOT being able to sleep on your RV's bed...because of a cheaply made, and under supported bed frame!) I highly suggest that you think about bolstering, beefing up the OEM match stick bed frame, BEFORE this happens to you, while out upon the road.

All in all, it cost me $343.00 (with tax in) for two hours labour, 4 2x4's, two sheets of 3/8's ply, and shop supplies (screws, etc).

Folks...I am THRILLED by the result...a bed that now has rock solid support for the mattress and two souls laying upon it. For the life of this trailer (I have no need of hope to see this trailer take us down the road for the rest of our RV lives..., with proper maintenance of course!), but...even the dealer was agasht when they lifted up the cheap, flimsy ****1/8' factory supplied plywood***, and found that the entire bed frame was composed of -----get this-----> 1 inch, by 1/2 inch wood stock. Folks..they make paint stirrers out of that stock dimension!!!! THAT is what is supporting you..and most likely, unless you have a Murphy Bed, pretty much in all Winnebago products. My dealer's comment, was that they (probably Thor) cheaped out very badly, in places where the prospective buyer/owner, would not see how flimsy the build stock was...when deciding to purchase the new trailer! They could cheap out on the bed frame...and hope it lasted at least through the warranty would be the owner's it turned out for us...(re-sale).

So, in closing...hello all...and I hope you will at least think of what I relayed...and check out the true construction of YOUR Winnebago (any model) bed frame...and decide if (as insurance against a ruined vacation, or personal injury), you might want to bolster and beef up what supports the mattress under it...and YOU, on top of it...

Cheers, and happy and safe RV'ing...
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Do you have any photos of the bracing installed? Thanks for the write up
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I have a Murphy bed model, but good to know.

My guess would be that someone at some point, possibly the prior owner, was standing on the bed and cracked the supports, and then it finally gave way while you were sleeping.

I would think an easier fix for someone who has not yet had the supports actually break would be to simply glue a second layer of 1/4 or 3/8th's plywood over the existing.
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