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budbon 05-17-2019 11:25 AM

Smoke detector/ or ??
My 2014 Winnebago Vista 27N has a detector over the bed. I don't think it is a smoke detector but I'm not sure. Could someone enlighten me? Whatever it is, needs replacement.

4x4van 05-17-2019 11:29 AM

Likely a CO Detector.

Dentkimterry 05-17-2019 11:53 AM

My Vista has the smoke alarm near the kitchen. CO detector in the bedroom.

budbon 05-18-2019 05:42 AM

Thanks all. Ordered a new CO detector.

Yoders2Go 05-27-2019 08:05 PM

We replaced ours this winter too! And Amazon carries the gas detector that should be replaced every 60 months, and the notification sound announcing the need for replacement is really awful! Made our dogs crazy anxious. It doesn't come with the connector though.

budbon 05-28-2019 06:38 AM

We experienced the gas detectors annoying sound also. Replaced it. It's good to know it will get your attention if needed.
Now if I could figure out how to get the roll down blind in the bedroom down for re-adjustment. It's got me stymied.

Wayne M 05-28-2019 01:09 PM

You should also have a smoke detector. They make combination smoke/co detectors - go for it.

Yoders2Go 05-29-2019 11:46 AM

I'm so glad they didn't put the smoke detector in the kitchen! I think.....

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