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Oh yeah, the appliance dance. We've an older Adventurer, 30 amp service. For non electric site first order of business is crank up the genny and then the gas furnace. Then we endure about 20 min of freezing smelly air until we get out of bed. No idea why the furnace tries to gas us but it does especially when not used for a while.
Our routine is pretty straightforward and we both need to recall what to do and not do. For coffee which is single cup Keurig type, I make two cups. When done steam milk in microwave. Then, flip on water heater switch and wait for scalding hot water while drinking coffee. Once there's enough hot water I shut off the water heater. And after the furnace takes the chill off we put on enough clothes and remind ourself it will soon be scorching hot out...

We blew threw two tanks of propane on two separate occasions. The first was during winter at high elevations and the power went out. We finally were able to leave after the snow was cleared. First thing we had to do was use the hairdryer to melt the hose to get it off the faucet.

Second occasion I had 15 amp svc in a hospital parking lot. Again winter, third week of January. My mom was in the hospital and my husband took the coach to the courtesy lot and took my car back. On the third 37 degree night I got a ride to Walmart and bought an electric heater. It was those last few days there that I really honed my skills. Keeping an eye always on the amp meter I figured out exactly which two things could coexist. And since I was essentially a prisoner (pouring contact downpour all week) I had lots of time on my hands after visiting hours ended. So I made a little chart up with all the amp needs of everything we have. Electric blanket was suprisingly low.

As for propane I seriously don't use it except to heat water under normal dry camping conditions. I either run the genny and use the microwave and reheat food I prepared ahead of time and use the Weber grill which has its own gas.

I'm really thankful for the electric water heater function. Probably saves a lot but then we don't wash a lot of dishes and take long showers.

Originally Posted by n5pht View Post
Hello Dan (and others)

We have the 31KP Minnie Winnie and gas only water heater and heater. However, we carry TWO space heaters and have actually used them at times.
You simply have to watch you overall use. Some suggestions:

1. Go through the coach and label each circuit. I think we have 2 or 3 and I labeled them with little pieces of green and orange labels. This helps you to not put too much on one circuit. Of course, total you are limited to 30 amp on a 31K. But it helps you to divide stuff. So if we do run two space heaters we make sure it is separate circuits.

2. We installed a separate 120v input on the outside of the coach. It is a UL receptacle that accepts a standard hd extension cord. From that I installed a plug in inside and labeled it as such. Most campgrounds have that extra 120 V and I use it all the time. That gives me a separate 120 V. line outside of the 30 amp in the coach.

3. Get a nice electric skillet - we just got a new copper plated one and the wife loves says it is great. She still uses the propane burners some but not a lot.

4. Get a "pizza go round" - electric. It allows you to cook pizzas on electric. HOWEVER, it will cook biscuits and many other items - just Google for lots of hints.

We do use propane for the fridge but only when traveling and some people turn off the fridge when traveling and that is no doubt fine too for a few hours at a time.

With the above strategies we go quite a few months on the 18 gallon. Just filled it today because the meter was showing 1/3 and it only took 6 gallons. And we are on the road about half time.

Good travels.
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Your furnace and water heater are probably your biggest propane consumers. If you have access to power, add a few electric space heaters and you'll get rid of one consumer.

If you feel like it, you can replace your water heater by an on-demand water heater. You can then shut it off when you do not need it. If you need a shower or to wash dishes, it will take a minute after you put it back on to get some hot water. Super efficient.

And you can install a separate 120v receptacle that you can connect to the 20 amp outlet that is usually available in most of the campgrounds (along with the 30 amp outlet). So you can dedicate this receptacle to a 1500 watts (or even more) space heater. A simpler methos would be to use an extension cord to do the same thing. But you will have to make sure that your extension cord can support the amperage your space heater is using.

When I am dry camping, I use a Gas Buddy propane heater. It is quite efficient even if I have to crack a window for safety.

If you are still concerned with your stove bas consumption, you can buy a convection plate. They are cheap. But again, you will need electricity. A nice side effect of your propane stove is that it provides heat while you're cooking.
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I have an 18 gallon propane tank and between Christmas and New Years I was at Nashville for the week. The temperatures were in the teens at night and barely above 32 during the day with the coach temperature was set at 68 degrees and we ended up having to refill the tank after 4 days of use. I might have gotten longer but it was at the 1/4 mark for better than a day so I didn't want to take a chance. The refill was only 8.4 gallons and as the tank is only filled to the 3/4 mark (13.5 gallons) I had 5.1 gallons remaining. At the Campground propane was used for heating only and the only other use on the full tank was the refrigerator during the trip down. After having to disconnect to get propane mid-week I will be getting an extend-a-stay for my tank and start carrying one or two 20 lb tanks which hold 4.5 gallons or 1/4 of an 18 gallon RV tank.

We did bring a small electric heater that we used to warm up by the front of the coach and used plenty of extra blankets we carry at night. Didn't want to take a chance of anything in the basement freezing up so we left the heat on 68 degrees.
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We are living full time in our Journey 40R and are currently in our son's back 40. It has gotten down in the teens here in East Texas over New Years so we quickly ran our onboard propane tank out. I purchase an adapter that goes between the onboard tank and the regulator that allows you to use portable propane tanks. Works well but you have to have spares handy because when the weather gets cold you can go through a small tank in a day and a half. I purchased the adapter at a local RV dealer.
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Electric heaters

I have always used electric heat in my fifth wheel and now my Minnie if I am in a campground with connections. If it is getting below freezing, then I set the furnace to come on around 60 degrees as back up. I use the electric to keep it about 68 at night and 70 during the day and we are always comfortable in the Minnie. The 32 footer we had did have the furnace to come on a few times. Our daughter and family live in a fifth wheel and still mostly use electric as they believe it is similar in cost and much easier than changing out tanks every week or less. However if I am out in the wild, and run my generator, then I use the propane so the generator will run all night.
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We had a 31K Sunstar and had an extended stay t-valve installed which allowed us to use an external propane tank. We just shut off the main tank & used the portable tank. Worked great.
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Also we shut off the water tank when not in use.
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Induction cooktop

Instead of using the propane stove we purchased a single burner induction cooktop, and found that it is the greatest addition to our equipment. It's clean....faster than the old coil "hot plates".......(11 amps and 1500 watts).
You can get a nuwave for 65.00 from Target, they do sell cheaper ones from wally world.
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ALWAYS take advantage of unmetered electricity. We have a 2015 Class A Vista. If just the wife and I, then one electric heater in the bedroom area does the trick. If we have guests, then we add another at the other end of the rig. Medium settings usually don't trip the breakers but if they do, then use lower settings. Use your LP gas heater only when really cold and the electrics aren't sufficient. Turn on the hot water heater only when you need it and then shut if off. This really helps to minimize the draw on the LP tank.
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Alternatives to using onboard propane

In our Sunova, we have taken to supplementing our onboard propane tank with an Extend-A-Stay setup, and when using electricity is more economical, we place a Broad Big Cube heater on the dashboard to warm the draft from the windshield in the cockpit, and use a Sunbeam heated mattress pad on our bed. Nothing better than climbing into a warm bed at night. The DW and I have different preferences for blankets, I like to be warm, she prefers to be cool - the heated mattress pad is zones to provide H with more heat than W.

Haven't had any tripped breakers using the Broan electric heater with the heated mattress pad or any electrical appliances.
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“I have also thought I would turn the water heater off at night to conserve gas.” Who needs hot water when sleeping? Safer too.

“but I am concerned that it may cause damage to the RVs electrical system.“ Run the electric heater on the low setting...800-900 watts.
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heat, heater, propane

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