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2019 Navion 24D Square Tires

OK, the tires are not square, but they are not round. I just purchased a new 2019 Navion 24D about a month ago. We love it, with one exception. The tires have flat spots. I took it to my local Sprinter dealer and they checked it out. He told me that the front tires had 60 lb. of road force. That is excessive. He claimed this was a result of the unit sitting in one place for a long time resulting in flat spots on the tires. The Navion now has 3,000+ miles on it and the flat spots are still evident in the ride. Mercedes warranty won't cover it because it is a tire issue. The dealer called Continental and they said they will not cover flat spots because that is not a defect in the tire. I am about to call the selling dealer to see if Winnebago or somebody will take ownership of this issue.

I have never had this type of issue as a result of something being parked for an extended time. I had a Sprinter based class C before this that I would park for a few months over the winter and never had an issue with the tires. My new unit chassis was built in December of 2017. The coach was built in March of 2018, and I bought it the first week of June 2018. Yes, the vibration feels like flat spots on the tires, but I would expect that to smooth out after a driving a while. But, in this case, it doesn't.

If nobody is going to take ownership of this problem, my options appear to be to try remounting using match mounting and rebalancing, get the tires "shaved" to make them round, or buy new tires. Has anybody else experienced this issue, and if so, what was your resolution?
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Sorry to hear of this issue, but I must say that I'm surprised... especially on a 2019 coach. After reading about motorhome tires for many years now, I thought I understood that the tire manufacturers had addressed the "flat spot" issue. Supposedly even when an RV sits for extended periods the flat spot should work itself out after a few miles warming up on the highway. Seems to me that Continental should step up to the plate here... how could it be Winnebago or the dealer's problem?

I hope you can get this issue resolved. I know most of us have our RVs parked for weeks or even months at a time with no flat spot problem, and this is the first I've heard of it on a Sprinter.

Oh, and welcome to the forum. We're glad you signed up.
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I'm not buying what the Mercedes dealer is telling you at all. What the heck is 60 lbs of road force???? "Flat spots" from parking go away as soon as the tire warms up. Other flat spots from locked wheels and braking (hard to do with anti-lock brakes) probably haven't occurred. Think Nascar and the Daytona wrecks if you want a visual image.

Take your coach to a competent tire shop that has modern tire balancing equipment and get all six of them rebalanced. Make sure you tire person does not jack up the rear of your coach on the differential. While you are at the tire shop, have them check the run out on the tires (that's how you measure roundness) and if they are not in spec (yes, there is a spec for that), then Continental should replace them.

If the tires are out of round and Continental balks, I would enlist Winnebagos aide in trying to get this resolved.
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exactly what Luvlabs says. I had issues with one tire that was causing issues and it turned out to be my front left tire was out of spec for rollout. Continental replaced the tire without any prorated charge since it only had 3000 miles on it.
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Road force is a measure of the difference between the force on the road at the lowest point on the tire and the highest point on the tire. It is a better indication than radial runout because it includes elements in the construction of the tire. A perfectly round and perfectly consistent tire would have a road force of zero. You almost never get there, but 60 lbs. is excessive and you feel it in the steering wheel and in the seat of your pants. The MB dealer is telling me that the limit for the Sprinter is 40 lbs. Even that sounds excessive as I shoot for less than 15 lbs. in my passenger vehicles.

I will be talking to my Sprinter dealer tomorrow to find out exactly what Continental had to say. I agree that Continental should step up on this one. I could take it to another tire dealer, and still may, but I feel comfortable having the Sprinter dealer work on it. I feel less comfortable having a shop that is not familiar with the Sprinters work on it.
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Keep us informed about the outcome. Our 18V24D has the flat spot syndrome but driving the rig in hot weather seems to smooth things out. When I first pull out of the driveway it is horrendous. I too am shocked that Conti is having this issue - now I have it. I suppose the quick solution is have Michelins put on the front but what a waste with about 3000 mi on the rig. It hasn't been driven much, shop time and trips to the shop is about it. Yeah, it is not out of balance tires, it is flat spots from sitting. Like I said, mine clears up in a few miles and by the time I hit the interstate on my treks to the service shop it is feeling just fine. It will be fun to see what happens when winter rolls around with the "square" tires. Got another 140 miles trip next week to get my replacement solar panel installed and if it starts off on flat spots I'll report the outcome. Early in purchase we drove it 1000 miles for the one real camping trip and the tires were perfectly "round", no flat spot syndrome at all. Let me just say, having it parked is not my idea of how we wanted to use the rig but we leave right after getting the solar panel put back on for a 5000 mile event. That should uncover more real problems if they are waiting.
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I thought "flatspotting" went away many years ago when the tire industry converted from bias-ply to radial designs. Apparently not.
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I had the spare tire placed on the front tire that did poorly on the road force balance.
Problem solved.
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I had my Navion in the shop at my local Sprinter dealer for them to do the following:
- Check road force on all 7 tires
- Match mount those where it would reduce road force
- Rebalance
- Put the best 2 on the front, the worst one as spare, and the other 4 on the rear.
The service adviser was not optimistic as the tech found multiple with excessive lateral runout. I had to believe it would help, even if it didn't totally fix the vibrations.

The results:
- Match mounting got road force below 40 lb. on all 6 tires on the ground and improved the ride in the 40 - 60 mph range. I can still feel vibration, but it is not as severe as it was and I don't feel it in the steering wheel as much. The steering wheel vibrates over 60 mph, particularly in the 65 - 70 mph range, which is where it will be for a lot of miles.

My Sprinter dealer made a sincere effort to salvage these tires, but I don't think we'll be able to. He is following up with Continental to see what they can do for me. Stay tuned.
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Sounds promising. I hope it will work out in your favor.
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Here's an update on my vibrations problem. Mercedes Benz stepped up and replaced all six tires on the ground with Firestone Transforce HT tires, not the spare. They did not charge me for the tires, mounting, or balancing. I did have them do an alignment while it was in the shop. We took it for a test ride today. All of the steering wheel shake is gone and the ride below 35 and over 60 is very good. So replacing the tires helped. At the mid range speeds of 40 to 60, I still have vibrations. What I feel now feels like drive line to me, a drive shaft, carrier bearing, or universal joint. I almost hate to go back because they have been very good about working with me on this issue and seemed confident that replacing the tires would resolve it. It certainly helped, but something is still not right. I'll try again.
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