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Originally Posted by Morich View Post
WOW! o
Obviously touched a raw nerve! Correct testing is worthwhile and I do it often but when speaking of battery, I do often refer to it as 12VDC,even though most of us do know it is rarely exactly 12V.
But if we are in the mood to jump up and cry foul at any given chance, there will often be the opportunity, so go for it!
Big point its that we were both trying to help, even if not using the same terms, and I'm sure it did work out to sort the problem.

No, I am just a little too direct sometimes but no offense intended. Yes, it appears he has isolated the problem which is what we both wanted.
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Originally Posted by MyGplante View Post
Finally, with a clear demo on YouTube, I have checked my Trombetta and it is really dead. The magnet make the click but no voltage at all on the main connectors..
so, I have ordered a Cole Hersee 24213 on Amazon.
Morich and Kayak73, thank you for your BIG coaching.
I appreciate it.

This is still not "right". You should measure alternator voltage on the chassis battery side of the Trombetta, 13.6-14.2 range. The symptom of a dead Trombetta is that it does not pass the alternator voltage through from the chassis POS lead to the house POS lead. So...your test should show with the engine running alternator voltage on the chassis POS lead at the Trombetta and house battery voltage on the other side, whatever charge state the house batteries are in say 12.6 - 12.7vdc - if the Trombetta has failed. The thing is no voltage at all on the main connectors is a different situation entirely. The chassis battery POS lead is a straight run essentially to that Trombetta so if the engine is running it has to show alternator voltage on that side.

I could be misunderstanding what you are telling me. For example if you disconnected the POS lead to the Trombetta house side (with the house NEG disconnected please or welding will happen) and left the chassis side "normal" and connected, started the engine the zero output on the Trombetta on the house side would indicate a failed solenoid however the alternator voltage must be present on the chassis side of the solenoid to reach that conclusion.

Good luck and safe travels!
Bill and Brenda + Mobius Big Dog
2018V24D, '13 Tiffin BR32, Tiffin 34TGA, '11 Aspect 30, 06View23H, '00 HHiker II 5W
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Originally Posted by Kayak73 View Post
The number I gave is the correct part to replace the Trombetta. If you read my original post I noted there would be an "extra" small wire. It goes to ground and the other small wire is also connected just as original. It is the correct part and 99% of the time this is your solution, very common. As I said the test is simple - you must have alternator voltage on both sides of the Trombetta with the engine running, if not it is bad. You can call it throwing parts at a problem but I've helped at least 25 people install one to repair this issue. Experience has been given. If the voltage is correct on both sides of the Trombetta, ie you measure alternator voltage on both sides then you have a cable problem somewhere possibly at the batteries. I'm guessing since this is a long issue you have cleaned battery terminals and tightened etc., none of which has one iota to do with the Trombetta working or not - either it does or it does not, simple test with a volt meter. The normal left side looking to the rear of coach is the chassis battery, the right side (red marker) is normally the house battery bank cable. Positive lead one at a time there and neg lead to ground with engine running and you should measure 13.6 - 14.2 volts DC. If not replace the Trombetta with the Cole Hersee. Right now there is a Cole Hersee 24213 in my spare box in the rig. If I get motivated I'll go ahead and install it even before the Trombetta dies because it will - just a matter of time. First View we had the thing actually lasted 2 years, sometimes they last 4-5 years but they always seem to fail when you don't want them to.
Hi, 03 damon workhorse, 99% of my electrical probs have been chassis grounds for the coach, there are four for the coach and I've added one from the genset frame to the coach chassis, I use a ground spike.. I have, I hope, found all of mine and disassemble, clean, grease and reassemble them yearly. My steps, TV ant, battery system all work as intended, LED lights no longer flicker. Takes about 30 mins, worth the time!! Happy trails. W.
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Originally Posted by MyGplante View Post
Question about another relay (Intellitec) beside the Trombetta: Intellitec Battery disconnect relay (see the picture).
As the passenger seat is removed (on my Itasca Navion iQ), I took a look at the electrical installations. Right next to the Trombetta, there is another relay and I replaced one of the two fuses 5A which was burned.
Is this the relay for the "Battery Boost" button on the dashboard?

My new Cole Hersee 24213 from Amazon will arrive tomorrow to replace my defective Trombetta.
The boost switch is also connected to the Trombetta relay. It serves two purposes, to charge the house batteries while driving, and second, to allow the house batteries to "jump start" the chassis engine, using the boost switch.

One trick to remember, should your chassis battery ever get low and need charging, is with shore power, you can jam a tooth pick or similar in the boost switch to keep the relay closed, and the power converter will charge both the house and chassis batteries this way.

The relay you found with the two fuses is your on and off relay for the house batteries, it is controlled by the "salesmans switch" just inside the coach door. Even with the house batteries switched off, the chassis engine will charge them. Generally you should never turn off the house batteries unless the unit is in cold storage with no shore power.

Cole-Hersee 24213 is the only way to go. The terminals are a little short, but it is possible to get everything hooked up. You will need to make a four inch jumper from 16 or 14 gauge primary wire and proper terminals to connect the small stud, on the relay, to one of its mounting bolts. Doesn't matter which stud, one ground, one hot, either way.

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Just replaced my switch too the Cole Hershey what a switch. Much better than the old one. Now with the engine running I can check the house batteries from the one place and see the increased voltage.

Thank you!
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